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Styrofoam Cup and the Difference You Made

Apr 02, 2024
An AI-generated image of a styrofoam cup on a table in a coffee house.

Hello Loving Individuals,

“The ceramic cup was never meant for me. It was meant for the position I held. I deserve a styrofoam cup.” –Simon Sinek

This video continues to haunt and challenge me.

Career advancement often reshapes our narrative, but it’s important to remember that our individual evolution doesn’t universally alter the narratives of others around us.

The seat you occupy at the table doesn’t belong to you…

…You are simply stewarding it for now. When your tenure is up, the role, with its privileges, will fade away, and someone else will occupy the seat.

While you sit there, look around. Try to understand what life is like for those who are not at the table. Actively find ways to make life better for them.

This is your responsibility.

Great leadership is the love of people. Love people.

One day, you will return to your styrofoam cup; when you do, all you will have is the difference you made.

Don’t waste it.


The image was created by Midjourney using the following prompt: An image of a styrofoam cup on a table in a coffee shop. It is well-lit. The image is bright and airy and very light. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, wide shot, 4k.


Inspiration is everywhere.

Keep discovering. There is always more to learn.

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