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Living in the Not Quite There Moments

May 08, 2024
An AI-generated image of a sky exploding with fireworks as a man stands at the edge of the ocean.

Hello Persistent Individuals,

It is so hard to show up sometimes.

We all go through seasons where our wins seem farther apart than our "not quite theres." Those times when we try so hard but can't seem to connect the dots correctly. It's the "not quite good enough" or "just out of reach moments."

When you work as hard as you can, but the outcome seems just outside of your grasp—it is so hard to keep showing up.

But those are the moments we must show up.

Those are the moments when our character is built, and our tenacity is challenged. Those times, when things feel just outside of our grasp, are the times when we know we are on the right track.

Life is about growth and development.

You will never grow if you are reaching just beyond what you are capable of.

So what if we took our pain and discomfort in these moments and saw them as signs of growth? What if we rejoiced in these moments and continued to show up fully present and ready to strive?

Who would you become?

I am currently in one of these moments. Everything I try just seems hard. And often I feel like I just missed the mark. Sometimes I get frustrated and I walk away—BUT only for a moment. I know change is coming and persistence and consistency will lead me to the other side.

Here is my trick—when something comes your way and leaves you wanting to quit, ask yourself “Is this the worst thing that has ever happened to me?”

Chances are the answer is no. Follow it up with, “Did I survive that other horrible thing?”

If you are here today—the answer is yes. Then ask one more question, “Is this moment, this thing, so spectacular, so huge that it is worth going down in flames?” 🔥

I don't know about you, but if I’ve already survived worse, whatever takes me down needs to be big. I’ve decided I will not go down for anything less than a down in a blast of fireworks. 🎆

So far, I haven't found that thing yet. The thing that will break me in the most spectacular, dramatic, and eye-catching as possible. I’ve decided whatever takes me down is going to be so big that people will see it and 100% understand the flames it caused.

And until I find that thing, I just keep coming back and working on the problem piece by piece.

Some days I make a lot of progress, other times it feels like I go backward. But in the overarching realm of time, I know progress is being made.

Keep reaching, friends. Keep striving for the thing that is just outside of your grasp.

Over time, you’ll get it. And what a sweet moment that will be.


Image created by Midjourney using the following prompt: A photorealistic vibrant and celebratory scene of fireworks exploding brilliantly in the night sky over a calm sea. The fireworks are in full bloom, casting colorful reflections on the water's surface. In the foreground, a small silhouette of a person stands on the beach, watching the spectacle, symbolizing triumph and the explosive joy of overcoming personal challenges. The mood is uplifting and inspiring.


Inspiration is everywhere.

Keep discovering. There is always more to learn.

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